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Username: DirtyGardenGirl

About Me: My flashes are ASTOUNDING & HORNY & will gargle your mind as well as your flow. More & Again are my fave words & you won’t be able to get enough either!

My Fetishes: bdsm,smoking,anal,deepthroat,gagging

Expertise: Huge Toys for my Vagina & Pooper, Dual Invasion, Deep Live intrusion, Drizzling, DOUBLE FORAY, Wide open Inhale, Choking, Bap play. I am a sincere wild Porn MOTHER. I’m Another Quality CamSharks Hardcore Model.

Turnons: Being Observed, Ginormous Assfuck, Massive Shafts, Ample Toys, Big Palms, Cocksucking, Fellating, Rock hard Penetrating, Deep Nailing, Ass2Mouth, Crazy Converse, DOUBLE INTRUSION, Gaping

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